Hawaiian Meets Luxury

At Koa Nani, each item you order is custom made by our craftsmen in our
studio in beautiful Waikiki, Hawaii. Our iconic designs capture the essence of
life in Hawaii and the Aloha spirit.

Unique Rings For All Occasions

Our collection of his and her rings are inspired by the love and beauty of the Hawaiian islands.
Each piece is custom made by skilled artists in our studio in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Pendant Collection

Our pendants reflect the beauty and elegance of Hawaii. Each is hand crafted in our
Waikiki studio and available in multiple types of gold, silver, and other unique materials.

The Honu Collection

The Honu Collection

Rings, pendants, bangles and earrings inspired by Hawaii’s iconic sea turtles, known as honu in Hawaiian.

The Pualani Collection

The plumeria is Hawaii’s “heavenly flower” and inspires our beautiful collection of engraved pieces in gold or silver.

The Honu Collection
The Kuuipo Collection

The Kuuipo Collection

Kuuipo is Hawaiian for sweetheart. This collection of heart shapes and engravings is inspired by the Aloha in all of us.

The Naupaka Collection

The Naupaka, beautiful native Hawaiian flowering plant, inspires faith in Hawaiian culture and our collection.

The Naupaka Collection

About Koa Nani

Koa Nani’s made-to-order jewelry is manufactured by craftsmen utilizing the latest technology in our own Honolulu studio. Our pieces are made in Hawaii and inspired by the Aloha spirit that surrounds our location. We carefully select the finest quality materials and engrave each piece as you order it. Please visit us at our Waikiki location in the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center.

Koa Nani Waikiki